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farewell the ashtray girl, forbidden snowflake

Hi everyone! This is my first post on lj, so I'll write a brief introduction of myself (: Here's Greta! I am almost fifteen, from Italy, and yes, that's why my english actually sucks. I'll try to speak as better as I can, but if you see mistakes don't be rude or something like that, I'm just a teenager trying to learn something new and trying to share her works with you. I will post here mostly graphic stuff (I use photoshop cs3, sometimes also cs4 but i prefer the first one), but also fanfictions about Harry Potter saga, which is my major obsession. I also love books in general, (currently I'm reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin, and I actually love it!) and I am a tvshows whore. Anyway, my fanfictions will all be in italian. Sorry guys, but I am not the best writer in my own language, let's think about me writing in english... not so very good! lol Something else very important about me: I love music with all my heart. I like to think I can't live without it, even if I know it's a totally stereotypical sentence, and I hate stereotypical things so very much. Anyway, I listen to it everyday. Placebo, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Beatles and Joan Jett are the musicians I like best. I am mad about Caparezza, an italian rapper, too. I know you don't know him, but he's really smart and, let me say that, totally badass: he's not afraid to say what is wrong in our country, and he do that with such a sophisticated irony! God, I freaking love him.
Anyway that's it, not so interesting, I know, but here's late, I need to go to bed. What else can I say? I hope you'll enjoy my lj!

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